• Massage Therapy Rehabilitation

    Infected Since a young age to pursue a career in massage therapy, Britannia always wants to offer relief to people in pain. Along with Dr. Alex Jimenez, a Chiropractic physician, cares for attention and care for each one of her patients. Alex jimenez gives their patients. Britannia is highly recommended by Dr. Alex Jimenez as the non-surgical choice for a variety of health issues, including back pain.

    Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, tendons and ligaments) to improve individual health. There are many different types of massage therapies. Massage techniques are commonly used with hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a device. The objective of massage therapy is to treat pain or body stress, although it can also help treat injuries and / or aggravated conditions. Chiropractic care may also involve the use of massage therapy.

    We are blessed to present to you Amrita Spa.

    Our services are specialized and focused on injuries and the complete recovery process. Our areas of practice include Wellness & Nutrition, Crohnic Pain, Personal Injury, Auto Accident Care, Work Injuries, Back Injury, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Migraine Treatment, Sports Injuries, Severe Sciatica, Scoliosis, Complex Herniated Discs, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Stress Management, and Complex Injuries.

    Like the Paso's Chiropractic Rehabilitation Clinic & Integrated Medicine Center, we passionately focused on treating patients after frustrating injuries and chronic pain syndromes. We focus on improving your ability through flexibility, mobility and agility programs tailored for all age groups and disabilities.

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